What clothes to wear when they invite us on a sailboat
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It is normal that we have many doubts when it comes to combining something as different and different as the world of the sea and the world of fashion. We can use our common sense to dress in all kinds of maritime occasions and make mistakes. This is what the universe of sailing has, which is difficult in itself. Because those who are in this sea environment have been immersed all their lives and, consciously or unconsciously, they already know what they have to do. What they do not remember is that in their day, when they were little, their parents and grandparents sent them recommendations every two times. Little by little and over the years have been curdling and now they say they do not know anything but those who start, if they look, they will see how they know how to behave and how to dress for every occasion. Moreover, if they do it badly, it is because they take their personal style to the extremes as rebellious or bohemian people, or are part of other environments, such as the world of surfing or windsurfing.

How to dress to go on a sailboat according to the season

Not all the annual periods have their way of dressing. We will see that there is a lot of difference between the ways of dressing by countries. The sailors who sail through the waters of the North tend to be warmer, with more layers than those of the South. And those of warm territories tend to short and light clothes. But there is something in common. What is the ability to change quickly and adequately to the climate? Since this sport is developed in a hostile environment and all have a common denominator: a large closet. A sacred place full of technical clothes of all the annual seasons that are able to use regardless of where they live. What’s more, these clothes are not cheap. It is quite expensive because it uses many technical resources and rigid materials. Hence the expression “marinera fabric”. The marine fabric is rigid, hard, resistant, that is, very good and that requires a lot of research. Therefore, money.

Nautical clothing according to the season of the year

It does not matter where you live and the temperature of the day you go sailing. The temperature of the water may not be in accordance with the air or wind (moving air). Nor can there be a relationship between a clear and sunny day, with which we will begin our day in the middle of the sea, with the weather in our favor. You have to be careful because, at sea, time can change suddenly. We can leave in good weather and suddenly we can meet 25 Kn (twenty-five knots) and that the beautiful day of guests becomes a day of “screams”.

REMEMBER: At sea we do not shout because we are angry. We will shout at you because it is windy and this deafened. Only then will you hear us from end to end of the sailboat. So, if they shout at you, shout your too so they can hear you.

Dressing in a boat in Spring

Spring is the time of joy and with it we take off our clothes because the heat comes. We forget that we are practicing a sport in which the reflection of the sun’s ultraviolet rays bounce off the surface of the sea. As beginners who want to learn to sail, we only wear shorts, no shirt and a hat. Then the sun attacks us underneath and we burn our backs.

-What cool is sailing by the sea! – We affirm the ones that we started. Then we do not put on cream, we drink little water and we take off our shoes and t-shirt. Big mistake. You have to dress a lot, with long sleeves but thread. With long pants also of white thread and with tied shoes. Not only will we protect our toes against hard metal blows spread across the deck (winches, jaws, hatches, ironwork, tensioners, shrouds, handrails, screws, etc.) but we will avoid turning red as shrimp to land.

Dressing in a boat in Summer

The typical mistake is to interpret summer on top of a sailboat with summer on the beach. On the beach it’s hot, we have the sea nearby and when we want to freshen up we hit a dip. Up to here everything is correct.And it’s on top of a ship too. Where is the difference? Well, in the middle of the sea, we not only receive the intensity of the sun’s rays directly from it, but also the reflection of the sea. So as in the snow, we have two sources of lightning. One above and one below. So, just to start, we’ll have to put on double the protective cream and twice as many daily applications. In addition, we are not still as the sand, the boat moves and this creates apparent wind (the real plus that of our movement) and the feeling is of freshness. So, if we are cool, why put cream and clothes on top of us? This is when serious skin problems come. There are sailors who have clipped ear pieces that have had to be removed as they have caught cancer for lack of sun protection.There are also some who have a red nose with rashes when summer comes. So it’s a serious issue.

  • Short sleeve shirts : You can dress as you like. I recommend that you do not use short sleeves because you are going to burn your arm. If you pass heat, put on a lot of protective cream. A forty factor 40 applied every 40 minutes will suffice. You will not go through the red on the feet but you will get dark inevitably.

REMEMBER: The sea is like snow. Sailing is like skiing because we have two suns: one above and one below.

  • Shorts : Yes, I recommend using shorts in a way that is contrary to the shirt. Because the lower body train will always be protected by the upper trunk. So the sun will hit us less. Although it is a sport that is done sitting, it will be enough to apply sunscreen repeatedly over the hours. Learning to sail involves movement, so we will have to stand for a long time and this will protect us from burning in the quadriceps.
  • Hat: It is mandatory. Many sailors obviate it to have a greater angle of vision. Especially those sailing in light sailing ( Europe Class , Laser International , 420, Optimist, 470, Laser Pico , Tornado, 49er, Snipe, 29er, Yngling, etc.) and it bothers them when looking at the Windex (vane in the upper part of the mast). I recommend that you use a white cap when sailing in a dinghy boat and a hat on a cruise ship.Since the nape of the neck will always be exposed, both above and below.

Dressing in a boat in Autumn

The ideal is to cover everything. Take everything on. It is the time of years when the sea becomes really hostile. Everything can be put against us. I recommend filling the wardrobe with technical marine clothing and dressing like an onion: in layers. We can find ourselves with sudden changes of time and we must maintain the marine maxim:

  1. Footwear: closed hard tip to protect the nails.
  2. Pants: lengths of hard fabric to protect the wear of the ass rubbing by the cover during non-stop hours.
  3. Jacket: with many zippers to adjust to the change in temperature as if we were hiking.
  4. Cap: thin black that warms the head more and always tied to the neck of the coat.

Dressing in a boat in Winter

Winter is the season in which, by default, we can have all the thick clothes in the sailboat’s closet. Ready to take it always regardless of the weather. Because only with splashes are we going to freeze. In addition, gusts (gusts of wind) are very cold and freeze the tips of the fingers, ears and nose. So do not go cold for free. With the face already enough.


  • Waterproof shoes : there are many brands of waterproof shoes but we will choose those that weigh less and have a white rubber sole. They will always be shoes so that the mobility of the ankle is maximum. But if we are going to sail with some light sailing boat like the Dragon, we can use leather boots. In this case they will be waterproof and extremely hot. as in dinghy the lonely pass us over us. Not like in the sailboats that have a dead work (part of the sailboat that is above the sea, the white ones that are above the sea line) and we will only receive splashes from the waves.
  • Waterproof pants : Do not use good quality clothes and waterproof hard fabric. Go directly to the use of a water suit. These are made of plastic form by the surface and of marine fabric by the interior. They are waterproof and resistant at the same time. You will find them cheap and expensive. The cheap in large surfaces of sportswear. The expensive ones in specialized stores. I recommend the good ones, expensive, because a cold is at risk. And it is very expensive to spend a week in a bed with a fever. In addition, as the years pass, they become increasingly thin and resistant. In the eighties ’80 water suits for sailors were a piece of orange plastic bag. They only served to break and fill with water. Yes, they were fine, but the technical development has been enormous. You could avoid going wet but the cold penetrated and left shivering from the water.
  • Waterproof jacket : Avoid any brand of good jacket. Use the upper part of the water suit directly. It is the most comfortable and reliable when making sudden and rapid changes of clothes when we have to quickly enter the interior of the boat to solve a problem. Remember that we are in the most stormy time. It can be a good day but the changes of time can surprise us. And if we have already decided to go to sea in bad weather to improve our skills, because we have to train or there is regatta and we have decided to enroll, because when we enter we will sweat a lot. Between the wind that dehydrates and the heat of the interior next to the sports concentration, we will not drink water in the whole day. So I recommend the use of the water suit as a top garment when it’s cold.
  • Cap : Do not wear a hat because it will fly away. It will also make you not see the top of the masts very quickly. In winter it may by definition make many waves and wind. That means that navigation has to be faster. That is to say, the reactions on the sailboat must be done quickly and without thinking. So you have to see everything at once. What’s more, the bottom of the sea is full of hats and hats so you do not need to put it on. If you insist, then tie it to the back of the jacket. On the neck of it with a small stainless steel clamp on each side.

Clothing to sail according to the sailboat

It is not the same to get on and move on a 4 meter 4 meter boat than on a 20 meter 20 meter Maxi. The size of the clothes and accessories will depend on the space we have to move quickly, to trim the boat and solve problems.

Which nautical clothes I use according to the size of the boat

In general, the size of the clothes will depend on the size of the boat. For example, if we sail in a Windsurf we will see that it is best to go with narrow lycras. And if we sail in a megayacht we can get warm with a loose jacket.

Clothing for a small sailboat

I think of sailing because many of you can start from the bottom regardless of the physical and age. What’s more, I recommend it because it will help you “smell” the wind. That is, to predict where it will come from and anticipate the roles or wind direction changes.

→ BOOTS: The boots may be neoprene because they will always be wet. We will practice this sport on the surface of the sea and the falls can be constant. It will prevail to sail hot than to sail dry. We will not use socks or very heavy underwear because it will reduce our speed drastically.

→ PANTS: You can also put specially designed neoprene pants with reinforcements to make band (counterweight) comfortably. And you will do it outside the base of your boat, so you will also sprinkle regularly.

→ T-SHIRTS: When tighter and smaller better. We will pull the lycra over the vest to further tighten the surface of clothing that surrounds us.

→ VESTS: The sizes are not part of regatta regulations so put on as small as your breath can support. You will improve in your maneuvers and you will lose weight that will translate into speed. The ideal would be to sail without a lifejacket, but it would not be safe. And we must avoid danger because a boom blow to the head can leave us unconscious floating in the water.

Clothing for a sailboat Medium

Here we find the first problems related to knowing how to be. Because all the sailors are used to getting dressed for the occasion and we see them as hard. We see it very difficult because we do not know whether to wear street clothes, clothes from the nautical store on the corner or casual clothes.

⇒ BOOT: We must avoid the high-heeled shoe and the street shoe. In other words, any type of shoe that is not specific to the sport. First because the boat owners are extremely jealous and manic with their toys.Second because they are very expensive and the guests are not subject to repairs. If they would not be invited. The good thing about investing in boots or nautical footwear is that we can take advantage of it for our current life. But the surface or hull of ships is delicate. Some will be manufactured with a ruggedness designed from the factory and others with two-component paint with anti-slip. So if the sole is not made of white rubber we will be disrespectful guests. If we are only going to sail a day off, we do not need to bet on a hard and waterproof fabric. It will be enough to present with a white rubber sole so as not to leave black stripes on the cover.

⇒ TROUSERS : Anyone is worth it. But if it is narrow, it will prevent us from breaking it with all the metal “traps” that are on the deck. And if it is breathable, it will prevent us from sweating. Let’s think that it is a dynamic sport that requires many active movements and a perpetual involuntary continuous movement.Above sea level, the swaying is constant. This will make us tired we do what we do and “floating” when we shower at home. Quiet, it is the liquid of the ears that has adapted to the rapid movement of the sea.

On the other hand, let’s avoid the party dresses and dresses regardless of the occasion. Sailing is a sport and, the mute, in general, before any event, can be with a sporty touch. A night of drinking on a sailboat with heels and a red tube dress can give you away. That is, he may be saying that you do not know anything about the sea and that you are not interested. You’re just there for the alcohol and the music. And the high volume on a boat is impolite, because there are no walls that stop it or ambient noise that masks it. A sneeze on a sailboat, whether it’s in a port, marina or cove, you hear for miles. So be very careful with the screams.

⇒ T- SHIRT : Anyone is worth it. Although I recommend that it be discreet. A sailboat is not a discotheque and colors are seen kilometers because there are no buildings that cover them. I recommend that you use clear in summer and dark in winter. We must take advantage of or avoid the sun every time.

⇒ VEST : It is not necessary and it is not obligatory. But to prevent we can put one in the insecure and with few physical abilities and the smallest children. Before we have to make sure they have a whistle or plastic whistle built into the vest. Then we can teach them to use it if they fall into the sea. Beware, falling into the sea from a medium-sized vessel is not uncommon. I have seen it and it has to be normalized. So prevention is better than cure.

Clothing for a large sailboat

Sailing vessels of equal or greater size at twenty meters 20 m are as big as houses. And when we see them from the outside we have to think that below the level of the sea, what we do not see with the naked eye, the sailboat continues. So it’s even bigger.

>>> FOOTWEAR: It will depend on what the yacht skipper tells us. Nowadays there are many materials that go with the soles. The bigger a boat is, the bigger the budget that has been spent on its deck. And the opposite. That is to say, many luxury sailboats betting on delicate woods on their deck and forcing us to walk barefoot on it. And what will happen to our nails? Will we break them with the first stumble with metal objects?It does not have why. If the investment has been very large the cover will have a lower layer and hidden from view and the toenails by which all the components of the trim of the ship will be deployed. In these cases the teak wood will be an ally. Provided it is of the highest quality and is not chipped. That, by default, it will not be in the high-end sailboats.

>>> LOWER CLOTHING : Elegant, marine and soft tones. Theirs is to throw nautical fashion that you will find in the specialized nautical stores ( West Coast Sailing , Charles River , Gill, Musto, Helly Hansen , Crew Clothing Company , Boss, Slam, Sailing Gear , Quiksilver, Pelle, Rip Curl , etc. ) You are on a big ship.You are with class people. It depends on your aesthetic elegance to look good.

>>> SUPERIOR CLOTHING : The big winners are the poles. Regardless if you go out to have fun, that is, it is a social outlet, it is a training or a day of regatta, in sailboats over 20 meters you can put on a pole. It costs nothing to embroider the name of the sailboat or the sail number to look good. If you want the guest, you can give a pole with the name of the boat and its sail number to the master and you will be extremely well. If you are the boss, you should give a personalized polo or jacket to your guests according to your sailboat. As we have just stated, the sail number and the name of the ship are the best option.

>>> LIFE VEST : Forget. Surely they have lifeguards, an inflatable boat, a pneumatic that follows them constantly or a large crew that will solve problems. Although the last decision is yours.

How to dress to go to a boat party

Do not turn the yacht or sailboat into a disco. They are not. We are in a sports environment. So we must wear the most elegant nautical clothes of all. Of course, do not neglect the aesthetic. It is not worth to wear salty hair, to leave makeup, to go with wet shoes or the day of the return by boat. You have to change and combine a new molda that is clean, dry, ironed and branded. Appearances in the world of sailing are like in the world of golf. Artificial but useful. There is a lot of superficiality but you have to take it and be respectful with those who have invited us. In the event that we doubt it will be enough to use our common sense and move as if it were a meal in an elegant restaurant. Do not forget the white sole. Maybe the night starts with a meeting on top of the sailboat or that ends with the last drink in a cabin. If you’re not prepared, take off your shoes. The sailboat will be moored and still, so we will not lose nails along the way.

Nautical clothing according to the time of day of the event

Let’s see that casuistry plays an important role in this environment.

Nautical Clothing for Tomorrow

In the mornings there is still no wind. The isobaric wind has not normally appeared in the morning and the thermal wind has not yet warmed the surface of the earth. So we can introduce ourselves with street clothes to look good. Almost all sailing vessels have cabins that we can use to change.

Nautical Clothing for the Afternoon

In the afternoon the wind usually rises. If we go sailing by the sea at that time we will have to think that when we return we will go cold. So we will have to introduce ourselves with a large backpack composed of several changes. Of course, never go to a sailboat or yacht with a hard suitcase or a travel bag. Always with soft suitcases or backpacks. And if we have to fill them, it’s better to carry three small or medium ones than a big one. This happens because the spaces on the yachts and sailboats are small. No matter what size they have.It is the same whether they are large or monstrous yachts. In the maritime universe, the law of the economy of space always prevails. All the cabinets inside will be in abundance, they will be numerous but small or medium. So, the boss can distribute your soft backpacks or soft suitcases anywhere without problems.

Nautical clothes for the Night

It is very rare that you are invited to sail at night. But if the occasion is given; because the views are beautiful and you will be anchored or anchored, or the end is to reach an exotic place the next morning; think that at night in the middle of the sea it is always cold. It does not matter if it’s summer or winter. So we should be warm. And it is not only during the day when the wind is thermal or isobaric, at night there are nocturnal breezes.

What footwear to use to go sailing

The rule is easy: white shoes with white rubber sole. What you have to wear is our shoes, not something as expensive to manufacture and maintain as is the cover of a sailboat.

Shoes to go for a ride on a sailboat

We will keep the previous unwritten law. We can use the cheapest ones we can find. The aesthetic will be below the sole.

Sailing training shoes

We will match the previous rule and raise the bet. We will add that the fabric of the hard shoe. They are technical and brand shoes that combine aesthetics with functionality. They are beautiful, very beautiful and I love them. But you have to make a small investment. Do not forget that they serve for our daily life far from the nautical clubs.

Regatta nautical shoes

To the previous rules we will add the durability. And we will choose neoprene booties, neoprene boots or waterproof and breathable shoes according to the brand and model of our boat. That is, the class or the modality. For this we must dialogue with someone who knows or search the internet for photos of nautical competitions and see what shoes they wear when competing in a race.

Nautical equipment for regattas

Let’s take to our terrain this list of nautical equipment to avoid surprises. If you propose something, leave it in the comments.

Cheklist for sail training

We will identify, monitor and control what we need to avoid problems such as colds, sunstrokes and adjustments to unforeseen social events. Therefore, to a list based on what we have seen so far, we must make a special mention to the following nautical sports equipment.


  • Two pairs of shoes: Both white soles.
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Two pairs of pants: Some social and others of marine fabric.
  • Two pairs of thermal shirts.
  • Two jackets: A raincoat with a hood and a social one.
  • A hat or cap


  • A sports shoe according to the sport.
  • A swimsuit.
  • Two towels: it is still hard to dry them with heat.
  • Sunscreen
  • White linen clothing: protects from the sun and perspires a lot.
  • We can dispense with the life jacket with permission of the trainer.

Cheklist for sailing competitions


  • Technical clothing: From top to bottom. And of quality.
  • Neoprene fabrics: Heat prevails to moisture.
  • Beware of passing weight between clothes and bags. Better a layer thermal clothing than two overlapping sweaters.
  • You have to try to use a high-end nautical jacket. Are very expensive. But it will prevent any type of wind, rain and splash from penetrating us. They are also hard, resistant, with luminescent and light reflections.


  • We can add weight to the boats with isotonic bottles and bananas or bananas.

How to dress to go by boat

There are no written rules or too many rules because there is usually not much maritime knowledge. The buyer of boats or boats with mechanical propulsion; with internal motors or outboard motors; They do not usually come from the world of sailing and they do not usually know the uses and ingrained customs. Nor maritime security. Therefore, we will have a lot of freedom when dressing.

In addition, boats may be understood as extensions of cars, cars or cars beyond cities. A more locomotive means to enjoy a weekend coasting by seeing pretty coves. So the clothing will be more flexible.

What clothes to wear for a social event at a yacht club

Although it seems incredible, this time we can get away from the sports environment and get closer to the dreaded club. Now the club becomes our ally and the sailors often limping going to social events with dirty, sweaty, wrinkled or wet clothes to label events such as:

  • Award distribution
  • Memorials
  • Partner dinners
  • Pattern dinners
  • Shipowner dinners
  • Press dinners
  • Custom recognitions
  • Heroic acts
  • end of year partys
  • Retirement parties

Take the opportunity to put on that red tube dress with high black heels. And go ahead with the triple-collared shirts and the pink ties. But … now we can forget the shirts with our candle number at home.

Be careful with the details! Because a good nautical watch is a point in your favor.